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Are you an attorney in need of an MD expert witness in the field of Obstetrics & Gynecology? If you are representing a client, either plaintiff or defense, in a malpractice claim, I can provide you with a clear, concise, and prompt evaluation of the issues at hand and determine whether there exists a violation of standards of care and whether such violations constitute the proximate cause of an injury.

I have been in the active practice of OB/GYN since 1974 and am Board-Certified and Recertified. Since the year 2000, I have served as an expert consultant to a wide range of attorneys. I've reviewed more than 200 cases and have been deposed at least 40 times.

In most instances, I can provide you with an initial opinion within one week of receiving records.

I am in excellent health and can travel as the situation requires.

I provide an initial phone consultation at no charge. This enables me to determine if I will be able to serve as your consultant.

Fee Schedule

1. No charge for initial phone conference which will determine if I am qualified and prepared to provide an witness opinion for the case.

2. If case accepted for review, check for $800 to accompany records.

3. All other review activities, including phone calls, deposition review, research, etc @ $400/hour.

4. Depositions: $1,500 per half day or portion thereof

5. Trial: $4,500 per full day or portion thereof.

Additional detail available in Consulting Agreement available upon request.
You can reach me at  619-987-3092 or email at dmpriver@gmail.com.

David M. Priver, MD, FACOG